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Xheissy (Novice): This video is my first full AMV and it was created especially for Level Up 2013. I wanted to make a typical drama and sentimental video. In the anime *SPOILER* both Nagisa and Ushio die in the end *SPOILER * leaving Tomoya alone, so I decided to make a combined version of them but with a happy ending in which all the characters stay alive. I tried to show as much as possible


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Kylso (Novice): Всем привет. Немного спойлеров из моего любимого сорца =) Хочу сказать спасибо Эле, без неё этого клипа не было бы с вероятностью 110%. Приятного просмотра. Elia (Pro): Если бы мне пару месяцев назад сказали, что на Level Up я буду про, я бы не поверила. Если честно до сих пор не верю. Для меня это большая ответственность, потому что сама только начинающий мейкер. Спасибо Сане за


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KuroRukio (Novice): I’ve really enjoyed doing this amv, I’ve learned a lot of things but the most important is that I found a new beta tester =P It was cool to work with MDL and we could improve it a lot to come to this result. Enjoy people! MagicDarkLight (Pro): The clip it was a very cool experience to work with KuroRukio as a novice and advice him on the developement of his clip. At the end


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Mystyk: Lots of thanks for my pro, Kain-x-Spirits, who taught me some effects, and everything else he helped in! This is a simple video, I only showed 2 girls from the show, and this video supposed to show the cute side of love. I know this could have been better, I should have put more time into it, but whatever. I hope you like this better than my entry last year. Kain-x-Spirits: I didn't had


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[madaraxD] (Novice): First of all i want to say thanks to aimo for betatest this clip, really helped me a lot. I'm really happy with the final result of this, and it was a fun and interesting experience =D About the video: I want to show the opposite of a ¨good love¨ I mean .. show a relationship of a couple where the guy made ​​to suffer the girl and does not care her