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Question? You have the courage to give your heart to the person you love most in the world? There are people who would not think 2 times! Just watch to understand! Done to all of you all (Eternal). Making of Информация Аниме: Mardock scramble the first compression, Fate stay night unlimited blade works, Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood, Suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu 2009, Suzumiya haruhi no


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Hello everyone, here comes version 2.0 of my AMV Beautiful Moments! The first version was made ​​for the Iron Chef 09 organized by Soul's Team, the results have fallen, I managed to set 5 of 34 in the category Romance / Sentimental. I took pleasure to make Beautiful Moments, many would abandon the idea of ​​a second version of the AMV in my place, but I don't bungled the


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"Стерпится, Слюбится" - идеальное выражение для моей работы над этим музыкальным треком. Самый ванильный клип для меня да и для всего DDR. Очередной пиар хорошего исходника, ничего откровенного. Спасибо Скволлу и Движку за хорошую тиму; приятного просмотра^^ Информация Аниме: Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! Музыка: Outlines - I cannot think Автор: VovanKoperativ


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Xheissy (Novice): This video is my first full AMV and it was created especially for Level Up 2013. I wanted to make a typical drama and sentimental video. In the anime *SPOILER* both Nagisa and Ushio die in the end *SPOILER * leaving Tomoya alone, so I decided to make a combined version of them but with a happy ending in which all the characters stay alive. I tried to show as much as possible


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KuroRukio (Novice): I’ve really enjoyed doing this amv, I’ve learned a lot of things but the most important is that I found a new beta tester =P It was cool to work with MDL and we could improve it a lot to come to this result. Enjoy people! MagicDarkLight (Pro): The clip it was a very cool experience to work with KuroRukio as a novice and advice him on the developement of his clip. At the end


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Клип участник конкурса AKROSS Con 2012 Комментарий автора: Любовь к тебе была лучшим, что завершилось в моей полужизни. Она заставила остановиться блуждающий огонек моей души на самом краешке застывшего холода. Помнишь ли ты меня? Pavetta© Картинка Making Of к клипу (~6,5 МБ) Информация Аниме: Hyouka, Accel World, Kara no Kyoukai, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back, Umi Monogatari, Evangelion:


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Клип участник конкурса AMVNews: Big Contest 2012 Всех приветствуем. Собственно наш MEP представляет из себя романтику с элементами кроссовера. Тайминги: MrStarrk - 00:00 - 00:25 Death_Kn1ght - 00:26 - 00:40 NewOvermind - 00:41 - 01:19 Umika - 01:20 - 01:51 NightSlayer - 01:52 - 02:22 S.A. Robert - 02:23 - 02:56 Borodec - 02:57 - 03:45 Информация Аниме: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o


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Rescue Me. -Completed on the 9th of December 2011- A very simple video compared to what I have been working on lately, and you could consider it something I made to get away from all the technical tweaking. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the deadline for "AKROSS Con" with my other video, "Lovesick Missery", due to hospitalization and no way of finishing before the deadline. My


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MagicDarkLight (Pro): I'm really glad for having followed this amv and seen all the progress Yos' did. I knew he had a great potential but he had problems that we managed to solve. Though there are still imperfections, I think the amv he has come up with is really nice. Hope you'll enjoy! Информация Аниме: Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai Музыка: Red - Already Over Автор:


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Клип участник конкурса AKROSS Con 2011 Комментарий автора: This video is long. It's not exactly original or outstanding and neither does it have any special effects. In other words, it's just a simple romance AMV. But for me, I had a great time editing it since the anime and the song were so cute and I love cute things. ^__^ I know not everybody is going to enjoy this type of AMV but for those


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