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Клип участник конкурса AKROSS Con 2011 Комментарий автора: Знаю, что для девушки необычно делать такой клип, но я решила свою первую работу посвятить этим замечательным частям женского тела ))) Всем приятного просмотра :* Информация Аниме: Baby Princess 3D Paradise Love Музыка: United Beat - Сиськи Автор: Velvichia


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Клип участник конкурса AKROSS Con 2011 Комментарий автора: This video is long. It's not exactly original or outstanding and neither does it have any special effects. In other words, it's just a simple romance AMV. But for me, I had a great time editing it since the anime and the song were so cute and I love cute things. ^__^ I know not everybody is going to enjoy this type of AMV but for those


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Комментарий автора: I started this track about a week before Halloween and I wasn't sure I would have enough time. But, due to KnK being the easiest anime in the history of the world to edit, it flew together in about 2 days without much effort. Funnily enough, the next two days were spend editing my Ponycraft 2 video, another one I didn't think would be done so quickly. I was on a serious


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Если сам Господь Бог присылает тебе смс, дважды подумай, прежде чем ответить. Готов ли ты распрощаться с нормальной жизнью раз и навсегда? Тебе нужны лишние проблемы, или жизнь не мила? Будь готов к тому, что каждый день превратиться в очередной раунд борьбы за выживание, с потерями и разрушениями. И непонятно, кто человек, а кто монстр, кто друг, а кто враг. И ты бы рад вернуть всё как было, но


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Комментарий автора: I often hear music Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation, and just thought, about doing some new vid... Becouse this music is sooo amazin' I rly work hard at this project. It's slow music, so it was hard for meh to make something good, but overall I think it works nice. Информация Аниме: Samurai Champloo Музыка: Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) Автор: Ryniek


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MagicDarkLight (Pro): I'm really glad for having followed this amv and seen all the progress Yos' did. I knew he had a great potential but he had problems that we managed to solve. Though there are still imperfections, I think the amv he has come up with is really nice. Hope you'll enjoy! Информация Аниме: Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai Музыка: Red - Already Over Автор:


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[madaraxD] (Novice): First of all i want to say thanks to aimo for betatest this clip, really helped me a lot. I'm really happy with the final result of this, and it was a fun and interesting experience =D About the video: I want to show the opposite of a ¨good love¨ I mean .. show a relationship of a couple where the guy made ​​to suffer the girl and does not care her


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«Оставь надежду всяк это смотрящий. Вообще, будь моя воля, никому бы это не показывал, но не подводить же команду.» Вероятно, это всё что вы услышите от этого автора, и приятного просмотра, всяк входящий) PS - Впрочем, за постер отдельно зачёт) Информация Аниме: Darker than Black Музыка: Henry Jackman – Big Daddy Kills Автор: Menu


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Mystyk: Lots of thanks for my pro, Kain-x-Spirits, who taught me some effects, and everything else he helped in! This is a simple video, I only showed 2 girls from the show, and this video supposed to show the cute side of love. I know this could have been better, I should have put more time into it, but whatever. I hope you like this better than my entry last year. Kain-x-Spirits: I didn't had


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After a several days, I finally decided to bring my entry for the Soul Team Iron Chef VIII. Like I said it before: Before the IC I was going to edit the Drama Genre, but unexpected problems came with my footage, so I had to switch to Horror Category. To be honest I didn't have previous experience editing the genre, but I was surprised I could manage to complete the video. A fact I didn't mention